M.A.P Co-Founder Jordan David featured on Apt 613

When I first met Jordan he looked past the gesture of my extended hand, and brought it in for the real thing. His good nature begins with a familiar calm that makes it easy to relax into chit-chat—next thing you know, you’re laughing and having a good time. Creative intelligence doesn’t just connect itself to an idea, it also binds to an attitude.

While exchanging conversation with Jordan, he listens with a focus and notable eye of recognition, yet validation is yours to build upon. As an artist, Jordan’s life has been in exploration of a certain spirit of inquiry—audio art. Music has always played its part in his family growing up, and that’s helped build an appreciation for the creative outlet. With an acute ear and open mind, his passion is to play with sound in a way that encourages it’s movement, and our own. “Keep it moving, keep it grooving,” is the motto of motion that the sound shaman believes in, provokes, and promotes through his craft. Jordan explores the use of synthesizers to get the right vibe from outside of convention, allowing for a different state of cognition. “Creating music is what keeps me up at night,” he explains with a straight face.

This article appeared on Apt 613 Art Angle March 14th, 2017.

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