NAC Take Over – OAG’s YAS! After Party

Last weekend Music.Art.Ppl took over the National Art Gallery’s (NAC) City Room to help co host the Ottawa Art Gallery‘s Young Artist Symposium(YAS!). Youth from around the country gathered to connect and create. We were lucky enough to help host the after party where conference attendees got a chance to unwind and co-create some epic pieces of art.

Attendees arrived in through the large glass doors at the NAC and strolled down the lobby to where the YAS mural met them and they were invited to make it come alive with colored markers and pens. After that, ppl strolled to the collage collab where scissors and glue became the tools of choice. Pieces quickly took shape as party goers added their own touches through out. Solo pieces were also an option and the creative youth didn’t let down.

Onward into the main foyer where resident deejays Pithra & Nikoli held it down atop the City Room’s new hexagonal stage. Conference attendees took a break and made selfies of themselves or someone they knew on our illustrated selfie wall. Getting a chance to express themselves as cartoons, the youth quickly filled in the gaps andfaces and smiles poured in all night. . On the flip side, we had our MAP board with thoughts and ideas from all involved. Blessings and messages to loved ones filled the space.

Window art was by far one of the coolest stations of the night with the iconic eavesdrop over Elgin being transformed by black light markers. Creatures and characters lit up the night. On the screens, VJ Hard Science  took spectators on a journey through time and space and mixed in live footage from around the room.

The hashtag #YASMAP engaged participants and allowed some a chance to win prizes. Nibbles were provided and Culture Kambucha served up tasty bubbles throughout the night. Poster art for YAS! was designed by Beccy Murphy and was very on point.

All in all, everyone at YAS! had a blast and MAP was able to break new ground as the first electronic music act in NAC’s new City Room. Along with our interactive art scenes, cutting edge visuals, and warm friendly musical vibes MAP continues to re imagine what it means to connect and co-create.

Special thanks to CoBlou for all the coordination, to our volunteers for all their dedication, and to Ottawa Art Gallery Youth Council for helping us make this happen.