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Check out MAP co-founder Peter Albert’s interview with the Kingston Whig about our most recent event curating a space for the Kingston based Electric Circuits Festival:

For years, DJ Peter Albert has been attending parties and dance clubs as a part of his “day” job, and over those years has “seen it all.”

Well, with one exception: something that engages the eyes as well as the ears.

“The visual element is really important,” explained Albert, who is, fittingly, also a distributor for EarPeace, high-end protective gear for ears. “People are super engaged with sights.” That’s why Albert, along with friends Jordan David and Nick Hebb, formed the collective Music.Art.Ppl, or MAP, back in late 2015. The collective will be “curating” one of the rooms at The Isabel on Friday night as part of the second edition of the Electric Circuits Festival, which also runs Saturday night.

“We wanted to create a more interactive experience,” Albert said of the Ottawa-based collective’s goal.

“We felt that most events, parties, clubs, it’s the same simple formula of music without a focus on engagement as much, right? Obviously, there’s engagement between the artist, the musician, the DJ, and the crowd. What we were seeking was to have a bit more interactivity, so when we sat down, we thought about it, and said, ‘So what is it we’re really looking for?’ That’s where the name came from: music, art and people. We wanted to engage those three elements.”

With MAP, while the DJ plays house and techno music, there are also visual elements to engage. There are, typically, four of them: there’s “deco,” such as opened umbrellas or, say, a wooden cube, onto which paint is applied or lights are projected; there are digital visuals playing onscreen courtesy of “VJs”; pulsating lights, of course; and often there is an artist doing a live painting.

“And we realized that, in our network of friends, we had access to all of these people,” Albert said. The collective recruited Corinne Blouin-Hudon to be its art director, Eve Blouin-Hudon to be its deco director, and “Paradisse” to be its visuals director.

The collective aims to transform the spaces in which they perform; a dance club will play different music each week, it doesn’t change its look.

“We’re trying to create a unique experience where every element of the room is leading to that final destination,” the 27-year-old Albert explained.

“So everything is there for a reason. We’re sure we could take out the visuals, let’s say, but then you just have deco and music and random lights.” will be set up in the Studio Theatre of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts on Friday as of 8 p.m.

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Kingston Whig – April 19 2018