Music.Art.Ppl Introduces One Take Sessions

Welcome to the Music.Art.Ppl One Take Sessions

One Take Sessions is a concept based on creative spontaneity. Creating music in a raw manner in the moment without a focus on polishing the final piece. These sessions will challenge musicians and producers to create a piece in “one take” and to see what comes out. Oftentimes, as artists and creators, we are obsessed with perfection. Yet, in the act of creation lies a perfection in itself. When we are free to just create, without judgement, amazing things can happen. 

For the first sessions we welcome Music.Art.Ppl co-founders and residents Pithra and JFUN. Feeling inspired, JFUN & Pithra got together a couple months ago and recorded two tracks live on the first take using mostly hardware. JFUN & Pithra’s sound is focused within the house and techno spectrum, often using drums machines, samplers, synths, and the human voice while utilizing Ableton Push.


Howza is a track that booms, with sweeping synths and samples and a free flowing sound that is inspired by long days in the studio. Near the end, it gets grittier, with more samples and loops laid over top. As the track finishes it reaches a climax and slowly sweeps downward leaving the listener in a peaceful state.

Next up is Cloud Formation. A homage to the sky, this track begins with subtle melodies that lifts and brighten the listeners ears. Like looking up at wispy clouds, this track meanders and moves across the audio universe, taking its time to develop and turn into something else. Like all experienced cloud watchers know, the minute you spot one formation it is moving into another. This track mirrors that effect, taking the listener on a journey of sound and sky. 

For more information on Pithra and JFUN please check their Facebook pages below:

Stay tuned for more One Take Sessions as we welcome musicians and producers from around the globe. If you are a music maker and are interested in contributing to this project please contact us at to share your sounds and your bio. 

We can’t wait to hear what comes out when you turn off the need to be perfect and turn on the creativity that lies inside us all….