Meet Leblond

Leblond is an artist that we’ve had our eye on. Our team has been in contact with him over the years since we heard his remix of Sterling Grove Feat. MUNYA – Nocturne. He’s been working ever tirelessly on refining his sound and after hearing some more unreleased demos we can confidently say that this man is building a bank of beautiful harmonies! Just in the last month he has released 4 eccentric tracks (4th one came out today!!) giving the world a glimpse into his range of creative productions. He has been generous enough to make them all available for free download!

Listen here:

Music.Art.Ppl: Leblond great to have you with us!

Leblond: Thanks for having me!

Music.Art.Ppl: What has inspired you to start sharing your work with the world?

Leblond: it’s been a long time coming. I started the Leblond alias a few years ago and I’ve been honing my craft as a producer since; refining my sound with new tools and samples. Producing is a never-ending process to “perfection”. At this point I am finally comfortable to share my creations with the world. 

Music.Art.Ppl: How would you describe your sound? 

Leblond: My sound is a mix of every genre and every style I’ve been influenced by since my youth. I’ve been making all kinds of music but with Leblond the direction is dance music.

Music.Art.Ppl: Tell us about your creative process?

Leblond: Creative process changes from one track to the other. Usually I start with percussive rhythm: Kick, Hi Hats, Closed Hats, etc. Next step is to decide on the BPM and root key then continue digging through samples to build the idea. That leads me to the emotion around the song and I build on that with the cords. After that it’s a matter of having fun and experimenting with the sound. Once I’m satisfied with the range of sounds I start mixing the different track levels and panning each of them to give it character. I’ve been doing it for a few years now so the process has become second nature. In a couple hours I can have a solid song concept with lots of the arrangement done already.

Music.Art.Ppl: Can you tell us a bit about your choice of artwork and inspiration behind it?

Leblond: The artwork inspiration comes from sacred geometry, do your own research but it’s a beautiful world

Music.Art.Ppl: What can people expect from you in the coming months?

Leblond: Around Solstice I will release the 4 track EP « Renaissance » on all platforms. I will continue to release weekly or bi-weekly on SoundCloud. An LP is expected by the end of the summer and a full album can maybe see the light of day around September. I’ve also got a second full album in the works, might be out by the end of year!!

Music.Art.Ppl: Which social media platforms can people stay connected with you through?

Leblond: I’m on Facebook, Instagram & Soundcloud

Music.Art.Ppl: Exciting, looking forward to hearing all that awesome music to come! Leblond, thanks for joining us!

LeBlond: My Pleasure!

Listen here: