JSP – Don’t Worry (Tmorr, JFUN & Pithra Remix)

Today marks the first official  remix release on the new Music.Art.Ppl label. It’s a remix of R&B artist JSP’s debut single “Don’t Worry”. The MAP collective fell in love with the track as it has a strong mental health message behind it which resonated with the crew in a big way.

This remix took an already great R&B track and gave it a groovy house bounce. Lyrically there is a strong focus on empowering one’s self with community and letting go of the superficial. Sonically, Tmorr, JFUN & Pithra spice it up with some Deep Bass, Rolling Drums and Synth chops which channel artists such as POMO and Kaytranada. The track is also a debut for the label Music.Art.Ppl which has folks excited locally and internationally.

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We got the chance to connect with JSP to ask him a few questions about his musical journey and what’s coming up next for him. Check it out below!

Tell us a bit about your musical background?


Growing up I listened to 90’s Hip Hop and R&B with a mix of Soca and Calypso, I drew inspiration since early childhood from the likes of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill, and Shaggy. At my current stage in my career I have successfully released two albums. My first album Behold was picked up by Toronto’s Z103.5 and that sound was heavily based around 90’s hip hop. Back in 2017, Karena Evans directed a music video for one of the singles on my second album, See You in the Morning. This past June I released my R&B record Don’t Worry


What was the inspiration for “Don’t Worry?


The record was inspired by being inside for so long during quarantine, it’s a song to remind myself about the many situations I couldn’t control in the midst of an uncomfortable level of change and time. We go through a certain low when so many things change so fast. I realized how truly healing the meditative state of the sun was.  


There’s a line that really stuck out in ”Don’t Worry” that reads: 

Practicing patience but I was right there

Adding fuel to the fire and confused with it

Now we got community.” 

Could you explain this and comment on the impact that having community in your life has had on your career?


I aim and strive to follow my passion and the idea of doing it completely alone is daunting, I was patient, found my team and understood the level of patience I needed to execute properly.   


How have you been spending the past couple months since the track release?


I’ve been feeling more and more grateful every day, I am at the end stages of building my brand new studio here in my hometown and can’t wait to show you what I have cooking up.


What can we expect from you musically in the near future?


I am doing collaborations with some great musicians which you will be hearing later this year and the beginning months of 2021. I am also experimenting more with the house genre and meshing my ideas with producers in that realm. 


How does your creative process work when coming up with a concept for a song? Could you also give us insight to your lyrical process?


Every song’s beginning part of the process is usually different, sometimes I hear the lyrics already, sometimes the melody is in front of me but the lyrics come after. I like to write a lot of drafts for melodies and lyrics before I finalize. I also like to sit on ideas for a good amount of days to weeks, and listen to the idea first thing in the morning to see if it sits well as a first time listener.


Where do you see yourself artistically in 5 years? What are some of your goals?


I will be working on the genres I enjoy, and know I will be taking it a day at a time. I will also let my music inspire innovation and cross-genre blending.

Hear the original track “Don’t Worry”
via https://jsp.fanlink.to/dontworry

Connect with JSP on Socials @JSPmood