Eve Blouin-Hudon

Eve is PhD candidate in Psychology based in Ottawa, Canada. In her academic life, she studies daydreaming to understand how people use their imaginations to create stories about themselves and the world they live in. Storytelling plays such important part in Eve’s life that she incorporates it in everything she does. On the one hand, she supports her fellow artists by writing grant applications that truly showcase the emotions and meaning behind the person’s work. To do this, she uses elements of storytelling to showcase the artist as a complex human being with a message to share.

Eve is also interested in deco because it has the power to transform everyday spaces into completely new experiences. That is, the right decorations can take a person away from the story that they are used to living (the story of being a human in modern society) and shift them to a dreamlike experience where magic can exist, where imaginations can run free, and where new stories can be told.