JFUN is the DJ/production project of Jordan David. His musical output combines funky rhythms and four on the floor beats that create a moving celebration of sound while playing a wide range of sonic soundscapes that resonate with the human soul.

JFUN has established a name for himself in his hometown Ottawa, Canada as a DJ, producer, performer, curator and general force of nature that displays a consistent growth and musical evolution. Having developed a unique sound, style and connection to the groove over many years of performing in DIY spaces, night clubs, galleries and festival stages both as a musician and as a DJ. Sharing bills with international acts such as DJ Sneak, Niko Schwind, Djuma Soundsystem, Ollie K and local heavy weights such as Trevor Walker, Rick Laplante, BALU, Martin Villeneuve, Blake Sutherland, The TIMEKODE Crew, Jesse Zotti, Return of the Jaded and Rise Ashen just to name a few.

Embracing his ability to transfer a refined melodic and rhythmic perspective that captivates listeners and also lights up a dance floor. JFUN has managed to cultivate a path for his artistic expression that is taking form as he progresses on his musical journey. This being the result of a deep passion and love for dance music culture and community that is undeniable.

JFUN is currently focused on releasing his regular premiere mix series, ‘DIVISION’ while also curating and producing multiple radio shows and events with Music.Art.Ppl, a music and art collective that he co-founded in 2016 alongside his creative peers in Ottawa, Canada.