Spiritually Minded

Spiritually Minded is a DJ & Producer who's been in constant metamorphosis of developing original sounds, breaking traditional boundaries and carving new genre paths. Whether it's his live PA with his original music or meticulously planned Dj sets he is able to captivate the dance floor with solid bass and rhythms. From deep and soulful to choppy and aggressive, he will bring you through an emotional journey awakening your spirit.

As a producer he is consistently complimenting fresh new sounds to electronic music from dark and mysterious to uplifting and heavenly. His style is in the region of Trip-hop, Bass and Techno with many tracks produced at 160bpm and 94pbm. SM is producing almost daily new Minimal Trip-hop for the dance floor! SM also plays a variety of instruments over his music including Didgeridoo, Trumpet, Bass and a Vintage 1978 Organ! His voice appears on some tracks in the form of throat singing, spoken word and ethereal vocals.

Being also a show producer working professionally as a stage technician for many years he is combining the music, video and lighting into a synchronized display of art. He will be booking shows with the Anonymous Underground, a hard hitting trip hop duo with his wife with aggressive political messages. For Spiritually Minded, success isn't fame and riches, it is transforming the audience by the power of the Spirit through his music and art.